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16th July 2024 


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Welcome! When Covid 19 took over our lives in March 2020 few of us could have envisaged that over three years later we are still living with the effects of the uncertainty and disruption which it caused. During lockdown changes were profound and many people experienced loss and feelings of anxiety and loneliness.Subsequently many have found it difficult to return to their usual routines and have continued to feel dislocated and insecure.

Covid also brought to the fore many acts of kindness and support which demonstrate that in times of flux families are capable of positive changes and healthy developments. The repeated disruptions we have experienced have increased anxiety, but have also prompted us to review our relationships and to think about how we want to live our lives in the future.There are also longer term effects on our mental well being and relationships which may be less obvious but which lead to general unease.

In the light of these factors this is a very good time to consult with an independent person as you plan your next transition.

Taking the first steps towards talking with a counsellor can be hard, but many find that sharing through social media is easier.I have found that conversations using zoom can feel more immediate and confidential. Relationships of trust seem easier to build and the therapy process feels more focussed.

I enjoy working with all kinds of families and often see different combinations of family members (such as adults with their parents, partners, individuals, teenagers on their own, parents and children together) during the process of our work.

As a relationsip counsellor I offer a safe, structured space where you can sort out confusion, conflict and anxiety, and begin to restore, or create quality communications with your loved ones.

I have recently moved to South Buckinghamshire and am close to Taplow, Burnham, Bourne End, Cookham and Maidenhead and within easy traveling distance of Windsor, Marlow, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe.However using Zoom means the location of your counsellor can be more flexible and the time spent travelling dispensed with.At the moment I am working entirely on line using Zoom.

If you are feeling low or dissatisfied with your life I can help you to explore how you can change this

If you are feeling misunderstood and undervalued in your relationship talking together in a calm environment can transform how you feel about each other.

If your life has been turned upside down by loss of a loved one or serious illness, reliable, caring support can help you through this difficult time

If you are worried about a child who is unhappy or unsettled, sharing these worries can release the extra energy which you need to parent well.

If you are coping with the complexities of divorce and step-parenting, we can work together to sort out hurt feelings and communication difficulties

If any of this sounds familiar and you'd like some information about how counselling may help you, send a question or comment now.

It will be completely confidential and without obligation

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  • Couple and relationship difficulties

  • Children's oppositional behaviour

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Family conflict/stress, and managing transitions such as adolescence (see blog)

  • Managing illness and disability

  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Stress arising from divorce and stepfamily relationships ( see blog for more on this)

  • Problems relating to alcohol and other substance abuse

  • The effects of violence, sexual or emotional abuse on relationships

  • Panic attacks and generalised anxiety

  • Loss of Motivation

Using Zoom I can see families from any location.You can use a computer, lap top or telephone to link into Zoom.
Usually you need a private space,safe from interruptions, for an hour.

If you'd like to make an enquiry you can send an email, telephone or text(07734065945).

If you'd like to know more about how family therapy can help go to About

To find out about fees go to FAQ